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How To Easily Heal Cavities From Home

How To Easily Heal Cavities From Home

The common belief is that once you get a cavity, it cannot be healed. That way the only solution is to go to the dentist, have a part of your tooth drilled out, and have it filled in with synthetic material.
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5 Surprising Ways You’re Seriously Hurting Your Teeth

5 Surprising Ways You’re Seriously Hurting Your Teeth

When it comes to cavities, there are the usual suspects to blame: soda, sugar, shoddy brushing. But other chomper wreckers may fill your daily routine, too. Keep reading for 5 unexpected dental culprits—and the...
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Is Chewing Gum Better Than Flossing?

Is Chewing Gum Better Than Flossing?

Chewing gum's got a bad rep, and perhaps deservedly so: It's a vulgar habit of the ill-mannered, it rots your teeth, and there's nothing more disgusting than reaching under a desk and touching a petrified blob ...
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