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Bobby D.



Dr.Alan Rosen is the quintessential New York University trained professional. He is a warm, caring and friendly dentist who will resolve all of your dental requirements with ease.He is quick to diagnose problems and takes the time to explain the procedures necessary to solve the issues.This is to help you understand and be comfortable with the process. His staff is also efficient,pleasant to work with and can cater to your every need.This,in my opinion,is an exceptional dental office for all patients,including children.

Jane H.

Dear Dr. Rosen,

I felt compelled this morning when I woke up to thank you again for the work that you performed on me yesterday. This morning was the first morning in over a year that I woke up without the throbbing in my mouth due to my tongue hitting against the ridge on the side of the tooth. In the past year, I was sent by my oral pathologist to several dental “specialists” to see if they could rectify the problem. All I ever got was the same answers. You have to learn to live with it and we are a specialist and we don’t do that. It just goes to prove the old adage, “with experience comes wisdom.” With all of their modern instruments and methods, they proved to be totally useless to me. I can’t convey enough to you what a difference it was this morning to wake up pain free. You have no idea what i twas like to not be able to remove the bridge without my tongue automatically hitting that ridge. it was pure hell and that is the way that I lived for over a year. I want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year and many more to come. Thank you so very much again!!

Justin Deiter


After consulting with numerous cosmetic dentists in Long Island I finally settled on Dr. Rosen. My major objective was to close the gap between my front two teeth while brightening my smile and still maintaining a very realistic look along the way. The results are simply amazing (ask him to see my before and after’s!) .

Dr. Rosen would tell you I am about as involved as they come when it comes to my attention to detail and my tendency to ask questions… and he made me feel comfortable and confident all the while as he listened to and addressed my every concern. In the end, we settled on 8 porcelain veneers with a beautiful bright and transparent 010 coloring. It was exactly what I wanted. I remember Dr. Rosen telling me ” I would never allow any patient of mine to leave my office disappointed.” True to his word, he successfully closed the gap and gave me the smile of my dreams. I left his office a very satisfied client…and it didn’t take a 2nd try and it didn’t take a month of waiting. I was completely made over from consult to veneers in a matter of 2 weeks, maybe not even.
It is hard to describe the feeling of going from someone who never smiled in photos, to now, very frequently receiving compliments from both friends and strangers on my smile… It was the best decision I have ever made. I only wish I had come in sooner. Thank you Dr. Rosen and job well done, sir.

Lene’ E. Warren



I went to Dr Alan in June of this year (2013) & I’m so glad that I went to him. After visiting another dentist, my tooth kept cracking. And thanks to Dr Rosen’s quick, humorous, expertise, I was relieved of what seemed like a nightmare. I have finally found a dentist that I like & that I’m comfortable with.

Karen Salomon



I came to Dr. Rosen’s dental office where he seen the hole in my tooth and said that’s probably where my throbbing, tightness, and pain in my head was coming from. I thought it was stress causing all the discomfort. With his XPERT DENTAL CARE he said let’s save the tooth and give you a root canal, I agreed the best thing ever he did the job beautifully with no pain. WOW what a dentist passionate, knowledgeable, and caring. I can truly say that whoever sits in Dr.Rosen’s chair will go home happy because he knows that health and dental all work together. Don’t just take my word for it see for yourself and visit Dr.Rosen XPERT DENTAL and get the Xpert help you deserve. THANK U R.ROSEN GRATEFUL:Karen Salomon.


Tyler Salomon 1/11/2013



I am 11-years old and my mom took me to Dr. Rosen’s office. I really don’t like to go to the dentist when I finally seen Dr. Rosen he made me laugh and feel comfortable.He did an awesome job on my teeth.They were stained very bad when he finished I couldn’t stop smiling. I liked that he took the time out to explain to me how to take care of my teeth daily.Most of all my mom and I liked that he was honest and patient and you will too!!!!!!His workers are great:D.

Gina M. Delvecchio 9/22/2012

I LOVE Dr. Rosen!!!! In the past, I have had the most horrendous dental experiences. To the point that I refused to go to a dentist, despite the fact that I desperately needed to.
Dr. Rosen is extremely knowledgeable  gentle, and does excellent work. I have never actually WANTED to go to the dentist, but now I do. Knowing that Dr. Rosen is helping me and restoring my teeth to such perfection is exciting. I can eat like a normal person now.

Steve 9/22/2012

Doctor Rosen does every procedure perfectly, he is the one and only dentist I would recommend.  Thanks for being such an honest doctor it’s a rare thing.

MaryBell 9/5/2012

I live in Florida and see Dr. Rosen when I visit my daughter in NY. That’s how good he is. I have had issues with veneers done by another dentist. I was in terrible pain and discomfort until I went to Dr. Rosen, who helped me a great deal. He is kind and caring, takes his time. His staff is friendly and office is clean and up to date. I would recommend Xpert Dental to anyone. Thanks Dr. Rosen!

Denise:  7/18/2012

My teeth and gums were in terrible condition. I spoke to a close friend of mine who called her dentist Dr Rosen and got me in the same day. He made his assessment and put me at ease told me what the plan was and how long it would take. He works pretty fast six months later I went from having no smile line and ugly puffy bleeding gums to a women with beautiful white teeth and healthy pink non- bleeding gums. Everyone who knew me before compliments me and tells me how beautiful and white my teeth are. He is the first dentist who I have been to that knows what they are doing and I have been to plenty. I highly recommend him he is professional and a very nice done to earth guy. Thank you Dr. Rosen for giving me my smile and confidence back. You are Awesome!!!

Kenny:  06/19/2012

Went to Dr Rosen 23 years after he created a full mouth upper bridge. It’s still solid as a rock. Now I needed two crowns on bottom molars. in less than a week there in following a painless procedure. What can I say,”the man is good”. Thanks Doc.

Anita McCullough Delise: 05/10/2012

My teeth were broken and rotten, I had to have them all pulled out and replaced. I am very scared of doctors and dentists. Dr Rosen is the only doctor that made me feel comfortable and safe. I have a blood disease and needed someone who could understand that. Dr Rosen pulled out 5 teeth and I felt nothing, no pain. I was scared to death but i felt nothing. I am so glad that i picked the right dentist to go to. I would recommend him to everyone who needs one.

Jeffrey Kahn: 04/09/2012

My teeth needed to be replaced they were terrible after 35 years my 4 front Teeth which were caps had eroded. Within one week Dr. Rosen put in 8 new teeth and I look like a different person. The quality of my teeth are amazing now, I look like a different person all together.
Just as impressive is the fact that this was all PAIN FREE. I would never use any other dentist for anything based on my experience. The personal care is evidenced that I was contacted three times over the weekend by Dr. Rosen to make sure I was okay. Great to know there are still people who care after the work is done. Alan Rosen is old school, he is the REAL DEAL.

Leslie Rosen: 02/16/2012
I have been to several dentists over the past 30 years. I can say unequivocally, that Alan Rosen, D.D.S. is by far the best dentist in the Five Towns. All his work is done to perfection. I heartily endorse him. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Leslie Rosen (no relation) at 516-458-2444.

Mykal White: 11/17/2011
With just 30 minutes of his time and expert hands, Dr. Rosen transformed my gummy square toothed smile into EXACTLY the kind of smile I have admired on others for years. I literally could not stop smiling in every mirror and reflective surface I saw all day. I still do it now and it’s been 6 days!! I cannot thank him enough for what he has given me. I cannot thank him enough!!!

Fatima Smith: 08/29/2011
Just had an Emergency Wisdom Tooth pulled – Dr. Rosen made it a comfortable, painless and (I can hardly believe it) ENJOYABLE experience! Absolutely amazing, I am so happy; I am raving to all my friends and family in the area and will be back with my kids too. Thanks a Million! ♥

Hilary: 06/15/2011
THANK YOU Dr Rosen. My daughter is getting married in Florida on Saturday and my husband’s front tooth broke about 2 hours ago (Wed night)…he called me in a panic. I called Dr. Rosen who met us in his office at about 9:40PM and we’re home (11:15)…and a father can smile proudly as he walks his daughter down the aisle…Dr. Rosen really saved the “day”. Can’t say enough nice things about the care, treatment and concern he shows his patients. Thank you again.

Tim: 05/16/2011
After going to many dentists who said there was nothing they could do or would do i went to see Dr. Rosen. When he looked at my teeth he said what problem and after 3 visits i had a new smile and a new confidence. Thank you Dr. Rosen!!! I have a great smile thanks to you!!!!!!

Howie Stulberg: 04/09/2011

From a FACEBOOK Post…. Thanks Alan..your the the way if anyone needs a dentist…I mean a really good one…then Alan Rosen DDS is your man.. he is in Cedarhurst and Lynbrook..the man is the Michelangelo of dentistry… he did a freakin helluva job on my smile .. and he is a customer of Matteos restaurant in Long Beach… I highly recommend him !!!

Thomas Morgan: 01/05/2011

I just recently got married and I was able to smile because of Dr. Rosen. I put off going to the dentist for YEARS and I thought my teeth were done. Dr. Rosen gave me bright, white mouthful of teeth. He worked around my schedule and set me up with a great payment plan. And his prices were better than any other dentist that i looked into. I strongly reccomend Dr. Rosen and most of all, I trust him.

Vickie Gillis: 09/07/2010

Doctor Rosen just made my day! I had put off getting an extraction for about 8 months – and he just did it in about 15 minutes total time. He has a very gentle way of doing things. He makes you laugh and feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. I will run back to him when I need more work. Thanks Dr. Rosen!

Susan Gang: 03/30/2010

Quite simply “perfection” is the only word to describe Dr. Rosen’s work. I get compliments on my smile literally almost every day since Dr. Rosen did my 10 porcelain veneers almost 3 years ago. The compliments often describe my smile as “perfect” or “celebrity”. And of course I am thrilled because I broke my permanent teeth in 4th grade and had an ugly or less-than-desirable smile most of my life. Don’t go anywhere else…he is the BEST! He’s also pleasant and funny, too.

Ellen: 02/28/2010

I first met Dr. Rosen during an emergency visit, on a Sunday, in his Lynbrook office. I was so happy to find a dentist that had emergency hours on a weekend. Not long after, I decided to call him to whiten my teeth, from coffee stains, for my daughter’s wedding. I now have beautiful white teeth. What a difference in my smile! Thank you Dr. Rosen!

Mark: 02/22/2010

My name is Mark and I am an art dealer. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was in pain. My dentists Son was getting married that day. I called Dr Alan Rosen as he was recommended by my brother in law who has beautiful teeth by Dr Rosen, teeth that look like art. I called him and he waited for me to get to his office for two hours after closing . Nobody does that anymore and I thank him. He did a great job fixing my problem. Doc cares about people and loves his work. That is what counts and when I need that beautiful smile. I will surely go to the Picasso of teeth from Mark.

Philip: 02/22/2010

I’ve never seen anyone who so enjoys their job. I went to Dr. Rosen for porcelain veneers. He did a fabulous job making sure my teeth looked natural both in color and shape. I would definitely recommend him based on the quality and precision of his work (and of course my new smile).‎